What it feels like owning an Audi A3

As an Audi A3 owner, you tend to get some stick. Or labelled as a boy racer of sorts since you own a sporty car.

The problem is I can’t even enjoy it. I get random days, days like today where a car randomly came flying up my arse when I was overtaking on a hill. Almost as if he wanted to prove himself as being in a more powerful car, or because he wanted to try and race me.

The only thought I could think was this….

Like… seriously, I really don’t give a fuck for racing. Or proving myself to anyone, I drive my car for a job.

I was overtaking a slow moving vehicle up a hill, and said person decided to ride my arse to encourage me to speed up so they could overtake.

That doesn’t particularly encourage me to speed up, if anything I’ll stick to the same speed. I’m not endangering my life further by speeding up for others to overtake. Not my fault someone is impatient as fuck.

Now, for all those people who say it’s OK to ride someone’s arse like that. No it’s not, would you do it to a police car?


If yes, you’re a fucking dumbass, if no, you’re a fucking dumbass.