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Why use a dishwasher?

I’m lazy! There I said it, here’s my life hack for the method I use that should make you think why use a dishwasher?

I prefer this method, simply because I live alone, this is the approach that I use. It works for me. I live alone, but I have a habit of grabbiing a new piece of kitchenware rather than wash the last. I then just tend to wash everything all together, the end result being I ended up developing my own pattern for doing things which gives me free time.

I do actually wash dishes individually from time to time. I just get distracted a lot, and prefer to grab a new one from the cupboard than to clean an old one to reuse it. Don’t ask me why, just seems a pointless idea. If I only owned 1 dish, 1 cup etc then I’d be forced to wash them all the time. Maybe adopting a minimalist lifestyle would work for me, but this is the approach I use and I’m fine with it.

If I can find a way of doing something quicker, I will. Lazy people find the most efficient way of doing things, it’s a fact. We will figure out a fast way of doing something so we can spend more time being lazy.

Here’s my Life Hack. Which is the reason I rarely use a dishwasher, firstly it takes forever, secondly, it’s more expensive. Lastly, it never used to get into every nook and cranny no matter how I cleaned it. So it was a waste of time anyway. Dishwashers rely on you getting rid of the the dirty stuff on a plate so it can clean off the lighter stuff. What’s the point in that. If you’re going to clean something and replace the manual labour of it, then you should do a better job. Dishes, everyone hates them and doing them. If you love them, I think you’re a Psychopath… you weirdo you! Joking, whatever makes you happy, but I can think of other things.

My time is precious to me. As a person I’m lazy, I know I am. I didn’t really develop the right mindset and mentality to clean as I go, so I’ve had to make up my own. Either that, or I just can’t be arsed doing things and just prefer doing things my own way. Which sounds more like me.

Anyway, I normally do my dishes when there’s a full load. I hate doing them one at a time, that’s just the way I am. Seems a waste of effort. I used to use Dishwasher, but it’s expensive.

A quick google search suggests a Dishwasher uses about 1.5KWh of Electricity per cycle (about 20p of Electric), you then have to factor in the tablets for materials, you’re probably looking at around 50p for every cycle. Not good.

My method that I use which makes dishwasher inefficient, and is a faster, cheaper and easier way to wash dishes.


  • Run the tap until boiling hot, plug the sink and give it a squirt of good ol’ Fairy liquid for some bubble magic
  • Chuck in a full sink of your washing inside it and leave it to sit for about an hour or so.
  • When the water is cooler, take out the items one at a time and scrub them down/clean them, empty sink
  • Fill the kettle with water to the max and boil it. When the kettle is boiled, put them all back in the sink
  • Pour boiling water over it all, and dry them off / put away

That’s it, simple!

PERKS and reasons why you should consider doing this

  • Less work, all you have to do is quickly scrub them and dry them
  • It’s faster to dry , because the boiling water is 100’c, essentially instantly dries so there’s very little to clean
  • It frees up your time, it gives you time tocus on other chores around the home, or just reading a book
  • It’s cheaper (a full kettle costs 2.5p to boil) and Fairy liquid about £3 and lasts forever.

As you can see, this is the reason I clean this way. When you’re pressed for time, a Dishwasher might help. However it costs you more. The method I use works for me, it’s cheaper than a dishwasher, and makes me more efficient at house work

if you don’t use this method, that’s your choice, just a life hack to help others out

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