Repairing the door harness on my Audi A3

Temporary repair to broken Audi A3 door Harness

Ever since I purchased my Audi A3, I spotted a fault with broken wiring in the Drivers side door harness that had been poorly repaired. This has both annoyed me because it looks unsightly, and from experience with VW family vehicles, any kind of wiring issue is another point of failure to look at on the car.

I was moving the wires whilst at my place of work a couple of days prior, when going home my car developed a problem and I knew it was the wiring. After a quick inspection the brown wire had seperated from the insulation tape which broke the connection. I initially suspected a power wire due to lack of Electrics, but I believe VW use the brown wire as a ground to complete the circuits. Either way, it was dead.

I had the following problems:

  • No electric window control
  • No central locking (on drivers side)
  • Door open alarm light up on dashboard

Due to the lack of central locking, I was having to lock the car manually. Although it was the lack of Electrical windows which has been bugging me more. I decided to carry out a quick bodge to TEMPORARILY repair it and restore functionality to the car until I can get a loom ordered and a rubber shroud to create a better repair

Please note, this repair was only temporary. I know it’s poor quality. It wasn’t designed to do anything other than complete the circuit. The existing wires are rusted which further makes it harder to solder. So don’t comment on the poor quality soldering, I know it’s rubbish. I’m not happy either, but it works. That’s all I care about

Once I purchase the loom, I’ll be writing a full repair article for my repair guides once I replace the loom completely.

The below repair took me about 30 mins to do, 15 mins of it was spent trying to disconnect the harness with my podgy fingers. Once I figured out a technique the repair was done quickly


How I repaired the broken wiring on my A3


Releasing the door harness connector on an Audi A3

How I disconnected the harness

  • First things first, I had to disconnect the harness from the door. This was the technique I used above. I used one hand to pull on the connector at the edge on the opposite side, and pryed away from the bottom position using a thin screwdriver at the following spot. I initially tried at the top, but it came away easier from the bottom. Having the connector off made the repair process easier.
Audi A3 release connector tab

The connector I was holding on the edge

  • This is the opposite side of the connector. Above my thumb next to the wire is the plastic I was pulling against with my finger. Probably makes it a bit easier to visualise removal if you know what you’re holding against. In the above picture you can see my index finger just touching the edge of it during removal.
Broken door wire on Audi A3

What I had to work on

  • As you can see above, this is the quality of the connector that I had to work with. When I had the problems on the car, I temporary taped up the brown wire to prevent it earthing out on the car. Other than that, all of the tape/broken wires you see above was how the harness looked when I purchased the car. You can see the broken/rusted wire and why I need to completely rewire it all.
Temporary fix to Audi A3 door harness

My temporary repair

  • As you can see it was a very poor quality repair. The rusted wires on the OEM loom didn’t exactly help. It was windy as hell so my soldering iron wasn’t working the best as it was cooling it down quickly, and the rust made it poor adhesion. In the end I soldered it enough to form a strong link
Repaired link on Audi A3 loom

The soldered wire section

  • After I carried out the fix, this was what I was left with. You can see it’s about 1″ longer on door loom now, it’s also introduced a rigid point so will eventually break. It was however, far superior to the previous one. For safety I added heatshrink onto my soldered connections


After I carried out the repair I then put insulation tape over the wiring and reconnected it. I tested out the central locking, and the Electrics all working. The first picture is actually

This was only a TEMPORARY repair as noted, I plan on purchasing a new harness connector and new wires then resoldering it all back together. There’s a common problem with the Audi A3 door loom where the wires break as they’re too short, and the constant flexing over the years. The repair looms remove this problem.

I will write an updated article once I do this and update this post



Dual use technology, positives and negatives

There’s a big moral dilemma when you’re interested in inventing solutions which benefit mankind. If you make something which has peaceful intentions and has the function to greatly benefit civilians or society. You run the risk of it being used for Military purposes.

You are then faced with the decision, do I want to continue down this route and release something which can be potentially weaponised?

This technology is commonly known as Dual Use Technology.

What exactly is Dual Use Technology?

Dual use goods are products and technologies normally used for civilian purposes but which may have military applications.

SOURCE : Wikipedia – Dual Use Technology

What is the problem?

If I could sum it all up in one word, it would be people. Humanity is the problem. War is one of the biggest problems going around. It’s also one of the largest money makers. Until people learn change. We will always have this problem. Not everyone in the world is good, not everyone in the world is bad. Until the world has good intentions and aims to seek peace however, we will always be at risk of another nutjob causing war or hurting people.

What is the safest way to guard against Dual Use Technology?

The simplest way is either never to make it, never release it, never disclose it or patent it.

After all, once there’s awareness and it’s in the public domain. The information becomes accessible to other people. Your technology is then liable to be confiscated, stolen or duplicated.

There’s no point putting a patent on your Technology. A patent is nothing more than something which allows you to sue others using your invention. A patent does not stop someone building their own product for their own. It simply gives you proof that they stole your invention.

After all. To patent something, you have to legally release the information into the Public domain. It’s then accessible to anyone and everyone.

China are a common nation that have been known to “knock-off” technology and products as their own versions and seem to regularly bypass any legal ramifications.

If you live in the UK / USA, or most parts of the world your Technology can be confiscated if it’s considered a threat to national security. Or in general if you invent something which the Government feels can be a benefit to them, you can damn be sure that it would be confiscated.

Have you heard of the Wassenger Agreement? Take a look at the list of items and their sub-categories that are monitored as part of dual use technology. You can see how broad the range is that allows technology to be confiscated if it fits in line with military objectives.

It’s even worse in places like the USA. They have the “Invention Secrecy Act“. Basically it’s a generic catch all that allows them to confiscate anything which falls in line with military objectives or threats to national security as it’s worded. One of the heaviest there is cryptography. If you invent or design something, you can guarantee a knock at your door. Especially if it involves new levels of encryption, breaking encryption.

Although it has now been declassified, the ECHELON project was a massive surveillance program initially design for military use. Now it’s thought of more as industrial espionage, after all. Why worry about stealing technology when you can just spy on people, then patent it before they do. You hold the rights to it due to first patent, and you already know how it works due to spying. This is why the Military are so shit-hot when it comes to Cyrptography and classifying it as a “national secret”.

Most companies to prevent espionage are using Cryptography. Imagine if the Military couldn’t hack into these communications. You could have sensitive information being transmitted (a bit OTT, but nuclear launch codes for example). Or normal information (something like a solar cell that’s 90% efficient). Both of these would be situations where the military would want to make sure they can break into and intercept communications. One good and one bad.

Is Dual Use Technology bad?

No, until it’s used for bad purposes. One of the most common known dual use technologies was GPS (Global Positioning System). This system is used for targeting missiles, but was also used for saving lives. A commonly known modern application of this was the What3Words design. It utilises GPS, it has a database of words. However your mobile phone needs to find out your current location to link it to the database. This is done through GPS. Without the release of this dual use technology we would have never benefitted from it.

What about me, do I invent or study?

Yes, every project I build I think of the consequences or benefits of the Technology and how it has the potential to be weaponised, or how it could be used for military purposes. When I invent and study, I only have one goal in mind to benefit mankind and increase my knowledge. Once I have the information, I plan on destroying inventions. I’d rather the information i’ve learned stays in my head so it can never be obtained.

You sound like a conspiracy theorist/anti-government

To some degree. I am. I don’t trust the government’s of any nation. They always act in their own interests, or in the interests of war. Just because you’re not making “military” weapons, doesn’t mean it can’t be used. Actions always have consequences

I just happen to be a person who sees both the positives and negatives to everything. I don’t have a clouded vision.

You have to weigh up the positives and negatives. Then determine if the information can be released, or if it would be a greater benefit to stay classified.

What are my personal goals?

For me. Setup a Business where I can make/sell products which can’t be utilised for any negative reasons so I can focus full time on my projects. Then focus on my projects. Study and learn. For me it’s about proof of concept. I have no interest in using the Technologies. Once I have my proof of concept. Destroy them.

Google Chrome not prompting to save passwords

Came across this one a short while back, quite an easy fix. When you logon to certain websites. Google Chrome doesn’t prompt you to save the password. Basically it’s on an “exclusion” list. This is how you resolve it. 


In Google Chrome, click the 3 dots, go to “Settings”, go to the field called Passwords and click on it (under the Autofill section)

Now type a few letters from the Website address into the search bar at the top.

You will (or probably) will find the website name appear under the section called “Never saved”.

All you need to do to fix this is just click on the X to delete the entry (I’d recommend deleting them all for that site)

If you then go to logon the site again, you should then receive a prompt to save the information

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