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2020 Fitness – Starting Numbers

I don’t believe in the whole new year / new me rubbish, or going to a gym to get healthy because it’s the start of a new year. I just prefer to get into shape again to improve my overall health nothing more.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to the gym (probably a good 6 years now). I wouldn’t so my overall health is too bad. Yes, I’m clinically classed as morbidly obese. However I rarely drink and don’t smoke. I was actually quite active, and I’m still active at work to some degree. So I don’t get out of breath easily.

I’ll be updating this post as I go. I’ve always had a good blood pressure, never been too high. Although lately it’s become too high (145/80 was my last reading). I contribute this to 3 things (My weight, my lifestyle, my job). I won’t go too much into this, I’m overweight, I eat shit and my job is very stressful. Just being honest here

For information, the site I used to obtain these results was called Medichecks


  • All OK. My Prolactin was high, and my DHEA Sulphate levels were low. Other than that all readings were in range
    • I got a Dr’s report when I got my test results. Basically the main things that can be caused by these are
      • Infertility : This for me, I really don’t care about. I don’t want kids, never have never will
      • Loss of libido : Nope – wouldn’t say that either. I never switch off
      • Erectile dysfunction : Nope – but WOAH, best at health now. A broken tool is never good

In all seriousness though, I’ll be seeing the Dr though, it was recommended in my Health report. I suffer from Psoriasis which has been flairing up as it’s agitated by stresss, and so can the levels on my health tests. So I’m doing a follow up test, but also they can be caused by Thyroid issues (which can cause weight gain / loss), so another test for me to do. I’ll be advising the Dr anyway on the tests so I have more control over it. I’m trying to get a baseline for start + finish as this will be an ongoing journey for me


  • Not yet done… Tests cost money

With regards to my overall body, see the Gallery below. I want to be around 105-120kg. This is higher than my recommended Body weight, but I don’t want to be tall and thin, I’d rather be tall and chubby. Wouldn’t suit me in terms of look. You can see my current figures below. Main ones

  • My OVERALL Body Weight is 149.8 Kg
    • 32.5% of my Body Weight is FAT (Approx 48.69 Kg)
    • 36.8% of my Body Weight is MUSCLE (Approx 55.13 Kg)
    • 8.61% of my Body Weight is BONE (Approx 12.9 Kg)
      • 49.3% of my total body weight is WATER (Approx 73.85 Kg)
  • Weight 150kg (I’d like to get this between 105 – 120kg)
    • My “ideal” weight for my height is meant to be around 10-14st. Sorry that build wouldn’t suit me. I prefer being big. Just not huge. So I’d like to go to about 15-17st


I was debating about updating this post with a lot of information first before I made it live, but may aswell make it live so people can read. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak afecting the world I’m stuck indoors a lot. Using the time to clean the house and crack on with the exercise bike. I need to start slow, as I reckon since the last time I’ve been to the gym I’ve easily put on 20kg, so need to start slow. Not sure how long COVID will last but this will keep me occupied


Weight hasn’t really changed much these last couple of years, I’m probably heavier, but I’m a lot fitter. My new job has me a lot more active and I’m lifting heavy weights as part of the job, so my overall health feels better. I’ll redo this test and update this post to see what the changes have been like in 2 years