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Affiliate Earnings February 2022

How much did I earn in February 2022?

High armount earned this month, ePN came through for me in terms of orders. Website fees are covered

My affiliate earnings for February 2022

Google Adsense£1.09
eBay Partner Network£16.03Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00
Youtube£0.00This channel will be for Dashcam/Road Safety
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for February 2022


Monthly admin thoughts

Been a busy month and expensive month again. I’ve been focussing on getting my car ready for it’s MOT, taking pictures for new website articles to ad affiliate content for and having a genera chew on working with my car. Luckily the weather was good. I ended up spending 3 whole days working on brake overhaul. Possibly need to bleed the brakes more, but just bedding them in overall currently.

No real changes, just trying to focus on adding more content on my website. Every technical article I’ve been writing has been ranking in SEO, so I still get good month on month gains with my website. Unfortunately they’re low niche keywords, I really want to start working on the high search ones for that boost in traffic.

I’m busy looking at Google adsense and researching some more articles. Discovered an advert placed on an article that was paying £60+ for RPM in terms of ads, so would be nice to get a few hits on that 🙂

Really want to redesign my entire site, but not sure how I’d go about designing it how I want. I’ve never been happy with the navigation with my tecdocs so really want to work on those, or at least organise them better