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Affiliate Earnings July 2022

How much did I earn in July 2022?

Another month down, another payout. No real progress on the website, my core interest has been developing traffic. Although I need to keep generating new content. I dont’ just want to make content for the sake of traffic, so trying to develop meaningful traffic and topics to write about to generate new content which can be of interest.

My affiliate earnings for July 2022

Google Adsense£1.85
eBay Partner Network£4.02Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00
Youtube£0.00This channel will be for Dashcam/Road Safety
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for July 2022


Monthly admin thoughts

I finally received the payout from adsense this month, so it’s now sitting happy into my bank account. I only earned £5.87 this month, but was also paid £60.14 through adsense. So my total earnings this month are technically £66.01

Nothing major, just trying to focus on content and traffic. Plenty of things going on with my real life too, so just do bits at a time. Thought I’d keep this post consitent so people can see what kind of money you make. I get around 2500 page views per month on this website, so the traffic is still low.

Affiliate marketing is new to me and I’m still learning, as I don’t want to spam people with adverts, lthough at the same time I want morepeople to buy stuff for higher converion rates. The double edged sword.

Probably going to start focussing on my other areas of interest now (maybe the Dashcam road channel next). I’ve got about 1000 videos I need to upload which doesn’t exactly help, editing isn’t my strength but it just seems to take forever. If you know any tips for editing, feel free to let me know. Since I’m making money with one source now, I’ll be focussing on more sources.

Also looking at retraining as a Software Developer, or Engineering for more money. Or at least to follow my own self employment interests. I’m going to be working on a hobby games design project to pass the time as well