Affiliate Earnings October 2021

How much did I earn in October 2021?

October was one of the good months I sometimes get, I had some good payouts on my EPN so the payout was higher.

My affiliate earnings for October 2021

Google Adsense£0.92
eBay Partner Network£8.92Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00
Youtube£0.00This channel will be for Dashcam/Road Safety
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for October 2021


Monthly admin thoughts

Work on my website slowed down. I’m writing this article “post” monthly performance, I was in the middle of a house move and so was unable to access my internet as I spent a lot of time packing boxes and moving goods.

My website articles climbed up, and overall growth the website is 10% more popular than previous months, I’ve still been tracking the performance of the website, so it’s growing (albeit slowly), affiliate marketing and SEO is something, I’ve had to learn and teach myself to figure out what works, so this is a learning experiment for me to help others.

Trying to focus on getting away from sites like EPN and using higher quality affiliate sites. Ever since EPN put their 1 day cookie in for affiliates it screws up payouts.

I haven’t really focussed on anything else because of the house move.