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All USB ports dead on computer

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I encountered an issue with my computer recently. I plugged in a powered USB hub into the rear of the computer, and after this it appeared my motherboard was dead after powering it all up. I initially didn’t think anything of it. I had swapped over my keyboards to use a Wireless keyboard and mouse just so that I didn’t have wires draping everywhere.

The problem I had with the computer was that all the usb ports were dead. The wireless mouse and keyboard weren’t working. The computer was giving the beep noise when removing the wifi USB dongle to say that it had detected it. So I thought the wifi had simply dropped off. On further inspection the USB port seemed dead when it was hooked up to the dongle.

OK, so the wifi dongle is dead, or the batteries were dead. Fine I’ll use a USB keyboard I had laying around. I plugged the USB keyboard into the computer motherboard, and shit… it looks like plugging in the powered USB hub did more than just wipe out a wifi connector.

The keyboard was getting power on the computer. All 3 lights on my keyboard were lit up, but didn’t go out after detecting and the USB didn’t make any noise

This led to me troubleshooting my computer to identify the issue.

The symptoms of the computer was that no USB ports were working on it, the lights were lit up on the keyboard and the USB devices weren’t working. I thought I shorted the USB controller when powering up the USB hub, as it happened around the same time so decided to work systematically.

I decided to try another USB port, same issues. I’d already tried another keyboard on the computer so that ruled out the keyboard and mouse on the WiFi dongle.

Troubleshooting on the web didn’t help, when I searched for all USB ports on the computer being dead I got the “click here”, or “unplug the mouse and try another port” solution. I don’t think the search grasped the concept of ALL my USB ports were dead. So bit unsure what to do at this point

Next step was removing the motherboard and running a barebones setup.

My computer motherboard is a Gigabyte model, I’ve had it for about 12 years, and it’s been nice and reliable. I went about removing all the computer components one at a time to the base level. Removed the motherboard from the case and tested it, same issues. The computer itself still booted up fine, just all the USB ports weren’t working.

After I had removed the motherboard, and diagnosed it to a base level. I tried cleaning the CPU before ruling a dead motherboard. There’s only so much you can troubleshoot, and as the issues occured when I plugged in the powered USB hub, I figured it was my own fault.

The troubleshooting didn’t work, so decided to order a new motherboard. I received a motherboard with an Intel 2600K processor and 16gb RAM as a replacement.

I fitted these into my PC and after a small technical issue with the troubleshooting due to different configs I got the computer booted up again.

OK time to logon… wait what, keyboard no touchy typing. Oh crap.

Wait hang on, that’s almost impossible for a computer motherboard to have the EXACT same issue as my previous motherboard.

I wonder…….

Wondering…. searching….

It can’t be what I’m thinking….

Tries ANOTHER usb keyboard that I find….

Yep, it was


Never assume the obvious. The motherboard was perfectly fine. It was my WiFI keyboard that was broken AND another USB keyboard. I had TWO USB keyboards which were dead.

If you ever get this issue, before replacing the motherboard. Try another USB mouse or another USB keyboard.




At least the positive news was after fitting my old motherboard, and using my spare keyboard and mouse from another computer everything was working again. Plus I now have a spare motherboard for another setup I can use.



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