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Affiliate Earnings March 2024

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

How much did I earn in March 2024?

I’m still working on my home electronics workbench project. I fitted the extension cords that I wrote about in last months post.

The two cords I ordered were a Brennenstuhl 12-Way for powering my Electronics workbench, and the Brennenstul 6-Way for powering my computer desk. Now have both been fitted and powering my equipment. I keep doing things in stages, as I work from a small room, so have to move or sell stuff, or junk it off as I downsize and use my work area.

I’m busy repairing the rear wiper mechanism on my Audi A3 at the moment too, discovered why they keep failing (or the reason I think) why the A3 rear wiper keeps failing. Im writing an article what I think will fix it, and will update when it’s released.

I’ve aolso ordered the 1-way PDU to fit onto the rackmount area of my Electronics workbench which I should get shortly when I’m back at work. This is just an extra power distribution point which will be running as a extra from my Electronics desk extension. I plan on using this for Adhoc stuff so that I don’t need to reach under the desk constantly. Need a point for charging batteries, laptop, hooking up test equipment. All of these are freely available to me. 6 sockets allows me to always have something charging or in use if needed without interfering with the rest of my setup.

Since I’ve started using more Amazon affiliate links on my website too, the conversion rate and click ratio is getting better. I never used to get any clicks, but as I’m posting more content and using more links, I’m getting better CTR that I’m working on. It’s still only about 4-10%, but I’m aiming to improve this, and I think my online shop is going to help with purchases. Plus I can bypass any competition via eBay or Amazon since I’ll be selling the items I make directly

My affiliate earnings for March 2024

Google Adsense£5.86
eBay Partner Network£7.27Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.28
Newsflare£0.00Abandoned Youtube, better results with Newsflare
Shopping Receipts£0.00Amazon Shopper Panel
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for March 2024


Monthly admin thoughts

I consider this a really good month, as stated previously I’m always aiming to improve my earnings, and at the very minimum earn enough to pay for my web hosting. My website hosting costs me £7 per month, hosting has been rock solid, stable and reliable and always up to date

I’m now working towards a goal of an income £20-30 per month as the next step. My Shopify store is going to be externally hosted through Shopify, so will cost me about £20 per month. I prefer the managed solution approach, because it means all the donkey/security work is done via the webhost. I can then concentrate on working on my store, and making money with it. I seperated this from my web host, as it means I’d have to look after the security myself, and also it would create extra resource on my account for hosting. It’s far simpler for me, just to create an external domain record with my registrar with a subdomain. Less hassle in my eyes.

I’ve noticed the performance this month was good, also correlated with my rankings on my website, and traffic. Best I can work out, as I’m usually always quite high, is that a higher ranking also pulls in a higher CPM advertisement. So a good reason to aim to get better rankings consistently.

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