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Audi A3 Battery Replacement

After the amazing weather we had in the UK we went through a period of cold weather. Needless to say, my car battery decided to die out on me. Went to start the car and it struggled to crank, sticking it on a quick charger had no effect so the cells were depleted. I was annoyed, but can’t say I wasn’t susprised, so I went through ordering a replacement battery for the car

I ordered from Tayna website with next day delivery, total cost was £82.57. I entered the same product code as my original one I had (EA852), same model, just different design. With nothing to do for the day, and unable to go into work. I work on Horizon Forbidden West gameplay until the next day came.

An annoying wait of 24 hours to replace my battery later

A battery in protective packaging

My replacement battery arrives

Tayna battery packaged

24 hours later, a knock on the door and I received the battery the next day as expected and it was well packaged and quick delivery as always which is really useful

Exide battery warning light

Black is bad

This is the old wear indicator light on my original battery. Green is meant to be OK, Black is normally for a recharge, and I believe white is when it’s failed completely. Mine was black, but the battery voltage and the factory it was so weak cranking told me it was dead and I didn’t want to chance it again

Battery voltage with battery that won’t start car

I thought I might aswell try the car again before I removed it. Even weaker this time, checked the voltage. As you can see, the voltage looks good (I had the probes the wrong way around hence the -11.79v). I think the cells were simply beyond repair. Either way I’m keeping the battery for a project as I don’t need lots of cranking power for that. Time to go about replacing the battery. I disconnected the Negative 12v terminal with a 10mm spanner, then the positive 12v.

Vent gas core plug

When you receive the battery there will be a core plug, make sure you remove it.

Exide EA852 replacement

Exide EA852

Chuck the new battery into the car, and reattach the terminals. I had to expand the factory ones as they seemed to be a bit bigger on the replacement. Screw them in tighty. Then just start the car. This quick and easy fix is something that’s worth doing.

The mileage my battery failed

This isn’t for anything, it’s just a reference for me or future readers on when my battery was replaced. I’ve also written the date on the battery itself as a reminder for me. The battery should have a 4 year warranty. OEM batteries always seem to last longer than replacements.




Most car batteries have a lifespan of 4-5 years. If you work on 4 years, and £80 for the battery this works out at £20 per year or around 5p per day for a new battery. So generally it’s not worth arguing, if you think your battery is dying or showing signs of it. Just replace it, you’re only going to be spending about £1.65 per month for a new battery anyway.

Need to buy a replacement battery yourself, buy from Tayna on eBay