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Captain of Crush Grippers

I finally received my Captain of Crush Grippers from eBay. I’ve been hankering for a while to develop some proper strength and muscle. Even though I’m fat I’m also a large build ripe for sports such as bodybuilding and overall power.

I’ve started with grip strength training because I use keyboards a lot so my overall forearm strength is a bit wank.

Ordered the CoC 1.5 AND 2.0 models aswell as some extensor bands for training the other muscle groups. Muscle groups weaken so you have to focus more than one.

I can’t close the 1.5 or 2.0 yet but I can get to about 1cm away on each one when trying to close them. I’m working on technique aswell for better closing. It’s only day 1 but already capable of almost closing the 1.5 so I’ll go from there

UPDATE – Successfully closed the 1.5 (18th / 19th of May). Starting to work on 2.0 now

Left Hand CoC 1.5

Right Hand CoC 1.5