Cleaning hard skin on feet

One of the best things about being a male, is we think out of the box, and sometimes we’re just downright lazy so will use whatever is at hand.

I’ve worked in Warehousing for 10 years with steep toe caps and tough shoes. So over time I developed hard calluses on my feet from walking/wearing them

Found the solution that doesn’t involve Listerine

The Man file! 🙂


If you’re ever looking for a good file to remove hard skin (or even superglue on fingers), keep a good Metal File handy. I had plenty of metal files lying around that I never use, so kept one aside just for random shit in the house.

The set I own is this one from Machine Mart

The actual file is the 5th one from the left.


Then just simply scrape away gently, within a few minutes your fingers/feet will be soft to the touch again


Ta da!