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Improving web server performance

  • IT

One thing which has griped me about my website, even though I use Apache and Microsoft Windows as my servers is that I’ve always wanted to look into Improving web server performance.

Currently my page load times are around 2 – 3 seconds when tested around the world but I’m always up for making it that little bit faster.

Currently I’m looking at multiple methodologies
– Upgrading the HDD to SSD at a later date
– Implementing RAMDisk Caching for the Website
– Pruning the httpd.conf file so theres less crap in it (mainly for me)
– Implementing zip compression of pages
– Implementing disk caching of statically served files
– Optimise the CSS code and layout of the website for mobile browsers and tablets

This should all help speed up the site and make it more optimised for multiple web formats.
Currently this is ongoing and I’m monitoring the sites and errors to find out if there’s any problems

Currently my site gets a speed of 87/100 on google developer pagespeed and 57/100 on pingdomtools.

I’ve also tested my website for further development on and it gets a score of around 57.

I’m aiming to get these close to 100 as possible for maximum performance