Logitech Z-5500 Secrets

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OK, if you’re one of the lucky people like me to own a Logitech Z-5500 surround sound system I’ll let you in on all the hidden secrets in this post. I’ll update and add them as I find them to make this a mega collection. The Logitech isn’t an SQ focussed system, although it’s not too shabby overall but there’s not many systems out there that can beat it for overall SQ, Volume for less than £250

Now onto the features…. {to be updated as I go}

This will be attached in a downloadable PDF guide for neatness once it is finished with every feature added. Covering technical documentation, hidden features and repairs


Bass Boost +11

Hold down the mute button on the Control Centre and rotate the dial clockwise. The display will read Boost +1 all the way up to +11. It enhances all the sounds by increasing their depths (be warned, this can potentially damage your equipment) as it’s playing outside of it’s normal range!

Bass Boost +22

Whilst in volume +11 mode, you can increase the volume further, with the stereo at maximum volume keep turning the dial. Eventually it will read Boost+12 all the way up to +22, the amount of bass this kicks out is extortianate at these levels. Sacrificed by potential to severly damage your household or equipment. One of them will give