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Man of Steel

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Went to see Man of Steel yesterday at the Cinemas. Great film overall, but it definately is something you have to pay attention to when you are watching it. The film flashes backwards and forwards from how the young Clark Kent was sent to Earth when his planet was doomed to how he becomes the man he is. All the experiences he suffered as a child and all his abilities he developed

The film is a pace-built action which leads up to a climatic finish where he must embrace his darker side to choose between saving humanity or saving his homeworld

The film follows how Zod escapes from the phantom zone after the destruction of Krypton seeking the Codex which Jor-el gives to Kal-el to repopulate his homeworld

We learn in the storyline how every Kryptonian was bred a certain purpose and Zods was to protect his species at all costs.

Overall a good film which leaves way for a sequel as we still have not seen the likes of Lex Luthor yet but we have seen references to the corporation

Overall I’d give this film a 7.5/10 – it’s not a bad film, but at times the music was a bit too loud and sharp actually hurt my ears. I’m really contemplating taking a DB meter into the cinemas so I can see how loud it gets