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Pacific Rim Film Review

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After seeing this film, the only thing I can say for my Pacific Rim Film Review is that this film is nothing short of amazing. It has been well directed, well thought out and constantly keeps the cinema goer interested in the film. It feels very humble, whilst also makes you feel a part of the action. The film is very high tech, but at the same time, it gives an old feeling almost as if you have experienced it.

There is a fluid amount of action, not too over the top and not enough to be dull. The Jaeger intiative was a good idea and caught on well, it’s not transformers, but it’s something to show that mankind, is weak, but has the capacity to fight back when required.

The heroes of the film, put up a great fight with their own weaknesses. When they combined their strengths, they form a bond that is unparalleled and allows them to survive the greatest of feats.

An amazing summer hit, that is well balanced and thought out. I’m going to give this a perfect 9/10 because I would love to see a sequel