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Site statistics with awstats

  • IT

OK, I decided to install awstats on my server. There’s a nice website called pizzabytheslice which has an excellent guide written for awstats, unfortunately I couldn’t get the site statistics with awstats to work for my website.

I also want to increase my knowledge with the programs rather than have something do it for me so I could understand it better.

I’m also creating this blog post for future reference should I ever need it.

One of the problems I encountered was when compiling the HTML static links output it would not generate the graphs and the page width went all to shot (example below).


For some reason it’s not an add-on issue with firefox, haven’t figured this out yet but it displays perfectly fine when using Chrome. (see below)


Where all the words are there should be graphs. I’ll update these posts as I go to continue the progress and development