Spinal Chord Repair

Is it possible to repair damage to the Spinal Chord in the human body in order to reverse paralysis (or partially recover from it) using a conductive implant?

This isn’t a detailed article. It’s just one of those weird thoughts I have. Every now and then I just have random thoughts, and I want to jot them down for further research.

Maybe it helps spur the idea on for someone else. Or gives them a new line of thinking

I’m not a person in the Medical/Science sectors, I just have an interest in it. So my research can only go so far, I have to fund them myself. I recently had this thought, if it’s possible to carry out a Spinal chord repair using a conductive implant.

After all, the human body is nothing more than a Machine. Just very very complex.

In it’s simplest form however, everything is just Chemical 1’s and 0’s and conducted Electrically through the spine to send the signals.

If the spinal chord is severed then the person essentially becomes paralysed.

Now. Here’s the doozy.

Modern medicine attempts to restore paralysis by fixing the Spinal chord. Many people are giving up that thought process, simply because we don’t currently have the technology to carry out repairs that small on a complex system

My method (or thought process). Is to simplify this.

I’m not focussing on reattaching the chord through surgery. More creating an artifical bypass using an implant.

The human body is a fantastic ability to recover and heal from unbelievable injuries. The method I’m thinking along the lines of instead of reattaching the spinal chord through surgery. Why not create an artificial skin/membrane or device that has a conductive element inside of it? (it doesn’t need to be big, just enough to carry the electrical charge).

This is then bonded directly to the spine and maybe tested/induced using an electrical charge between the “dead points” of the body. A form of external acupuncture

This is all theoretical to me, but it’s something I’m going to be looking at further. Or at least, I want to make a note here for future use to remind myself of my original thought pattern

I know there’s potential side effects like more damage, or infections. There’s risk to everything. I’m mainly trying to think of a way to solve a problem.

The Human Spinal chord has two pathways (image from wikipedia).

Going by the names, I’m assuming Motor pathways are what transmit the signals from the brain, and the Sensory pathways are what give the feedback


The Human Spinal Chord

Pathways of the Human Spinal Chord



My proposition is that these pathways are severed during spinal chord damage. I’m wondering if small implants can be built nearby into it and then using a form of Acupuncture to carry the signals directly into the nerve centres

This is why one of my project ideas was Mesh Mapping the entire nerve system. Can the spinal chord signal be replicated external that someone can wear something. Is it possible to amplify, or transfer the signal directly to the limb affected?

Again. I’m not an expert in any field of Science. So please forgive me if your first thought with this post is “that’s not possible”. Normally I write these posts, and find out that other people are already using this kind of Technology or have a similar working theory.

I don’t tend to search them until after I write the posts, but maybe it helps give a new thought pattern.

The purpose of me writing this post, is to give myself an idea, and potentially give a new line of thought to people who work in this sector. It might help develop new methods of restoration for people

I view the human body as nothing more than a machine. The spinal chord is the Electrical wiring that in it’s raw basic form carries “power and signal”, to the other Electrical components.

How do you fix those Electrical components? You replace or repair the wire to allow it to carry out it’s job again.

Even if 1 person just believes this thought pattern, it may help get the message out there.

You don’t need to repair the spinal chord itself, you just need to get the signal where it needs to go.


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