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The website redesign starts

I’ve been waiting long enough, had my fingers plugged firmly up my arse without focussing on my objective. Been talking ages about wanting to update my website without actually doing it. So, thought I may aswell have a start and commence working on my Website redesign.

I don’t think I’ll be able get all of the features working straight away, but unless I make a start when it comes to changing my Website design I’ll never get there.

I’ve always had a goal of updating the website to HTML5 and using CSS. Not only does it look better, but it’s more up to date. My website layout wasn’t the best, it suited it’s purpose, but in order to develop more traffic I need a design that suits. I wanted to integrate social and allow myself the option to carry out more analytics on the site.

The pages themselves won’t really change that much. To be fair, I like the simplistic look of them, although they do look boring as fuck, they’re fast and functional. I want to refresh them a bit more so I’m focussing on having the initial HTML5 template and CSS code built first.

It’s half the battle for me, plus, I’ve always wanted to have a more professional looking website and by building it myself. I’m again teaching myself website design.

My favourite thing about my website design was that I built it around templates, so whenever I create a new page I simply apply the template design and everything updates in seconds. I’m hoping that I can do the same with version 5 of my website and that I simply need to amend the layout how I want it, then update the code and apply the template. After this point, it should just be a case of pushing the updated website onto my webserver.

The main reason I wanted to have HTML5 is so that I could support multimedia better and integrate some social media plugins. I like the idea of having Facebook comments on my website so people can directly communicate with me about the articles I post. I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to push this update to the pages yet. I think it could either slow down my website, or reduce the user interaction as it looks tacky. I need to do some experiements alongside with the website design.

I’m not sure how I’m going to integrate the search function, Google search is good, but I really like the idea of a dedicated search feature, and a shop for my website. I wanted to load everything into a page so it all reloads in the same container. Haven’t figured out if this is possible yet, but it gives me a start.

The current template means I lost a lot of pages on my Website, as I my navbar was broken. This was one of the driving reasons for me that I wanted to update the site design. I wanted my navbar back with all of the pages on my Website where people could acess the links to them

So. Onwards and upwards.