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VW Golf MK5 Broken Spring

Starting my car this morning and tuning a junction highlighted a horrible sound which instantly occured on my car this morning which immediately made me suspect a my VW Golf had a broken spring


Turning full lock left to right on the car made a horrible clunking noise which can also be engine mounts or the steering rack moving in it’s mounts.


My brother had a better look for me when he got home. Turned out I was right in first instant the spring was broken, pictures to follow to show the damage.


As I had work on nightshift the following day, I decided I needed a replacement asap as the car wasn’t driveable. I previously had my opposite spring replaced for the MOT 6 months prior. I should have replaced both, because they usually should be replaced in pairs (when one gets replaced, eventually the other will go, because it’s “weaker”)


Needless to say around 6000 miles later my other spring decided to go. My car is a 140HP – GT TDI model but it turns out you can fit the standard springs (luckily) the GT TDI ones are harder to find at short notice unless you go pay a stealership for one.


£31 later and I had a replacement spring available, my brother collected all the tools and he did the job himself, thank god for having a car mechanic as an older brother.


Personally, I wouldn’t attempt this job myself, I’d take it to a garage unless you’re feeling lucky. I imagine it’s possible, but my brother ended up removing the entire suspension strut and putting the spring on this way. Even with all the tools available it still took him two hours and a lot of help from me. He ended up having to expand the nuts with heat because they were turning on the locktite threads being a PITA.


Anyway, job done and car responding much better. I think he deserves another pressie for car repair from me soon. He’s been hampering for a Clarke coil spring compressing set for ages, so I might get him it to add to his kit.

CHT747 Coil Spring Kit