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Affiliate Earnings April 2024

How much did I earn in April 2024?

Nothing much to report. Had a person in Germany reach out to me about my Fellowes shredder repair article, and they’ve successfully fixed their own which was a nice read.

My affiliate earnings for April 2024

Google Adsense£5.53
eBay Partner Network£1.79Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00
Newsflare£0.00Abandoned Youtube, better results with Newsflare
Shopping Receipts£0.00Amazon Shopper Panel
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for April 2024


Monthly admin thoughts

Nothing major to report this month really. Going to finish off the article related to the wiper repair. I’m going to be posting a quick article on repairing my back seat cover. I’ve also ordered a brake caliper rebuild kit fo rmy Audi, so that I can rebuild the two rear brake calipers (to keep as spares, and also learn some knowledge).

I’ve also ordered a Turbocharger rebuild kit for the Garett GT1749V turbocharger. When I removed and replaced the turbocharger in my Audi A3, I kept the old one for a project/learning knowledge. I knew I was going to be taking it apart for learning experience, but also because I’ve got ideas about a project. I’m going to look at making a Turbojet, simply because it’s a spare turbo and something to mess around with and learn new technology.



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