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Affiliate Earnings August 2021

How much did I earn in August 2021?

This month was a bit better.

I’ve had another 2 posts rank in the top 5 of Google for keywords/niche, so I’m improving traffic.

My website has grown since I’ve posted more regular, still trying to find what works for me. I figure when I get my newsletter setup that people can sign up for the options that they want notifications on. Food, Technology, Projects etc.

Finding what works and what doesn’t is part of the problem with blogs. People either find you boring or really interesting.

My affiliate earnings for August 2021

Google Adsense£1.80
eBay Partner Network£7.62Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00
Youtube£0.00This channel will be for Dashcam/Road Safety
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for August 2021



Monthly admin thoughts

For me this month, I really want to focus on my social media aspects and marketing. I’ve been trying to setup email marketing with a CRM plugin. The most common one is WPForms. The problem with the marketing option is that for email marketing, the only one you can use is “Constant Contact” and it’s not free.

In order to unlock the others available (like MailChimp), you have to pay.

As someone who runs a small website, money is key to me. I don’t want to spend more than what I’m receiving in, it’s a fine balancing act.

As always I keep writing new content for posts, as I want people to learn from my mistakes, and also learn from other people what worked for them. So I’m currently trying to find alternatives for my needs.

Another development option that I’m looking into is the social media side of things, I want to enable options for people to share across their social networks. This will help my site gain traffic when I write new articles, and help me to develop backlinks (in theory).

I continue with ePN, and running experiments to see what works and what doesn’t

As you can see this month was a better month in terms of commission. So I’m always thinking about writing new articles, and ways I can monetise them at the same time.