Affiliate Earnings June 2021

Affiliate earnings June 2021

I’ve been thinking recently, and wanted to start sharing the earnings I make from my Affiliate programs. I’m only a small time blogger. My website has potential, which is why I’m always experimenting with it, the adverts, the layouts and the content I write. Unless others are willing to share the information, how we can learn from each other’s mistakes?

Making money has never been my priority on this site. Writing content and getting traffic is, the money will come later.

For reference at this point in time, my website gets somewhere in the region of 2000-3000 page views per month

Here are my earnings to date for the various site I use, a lot of these programs are inactive, but I’m due to start using them again. So I wanted something where I can show my content and how it grows (or shrinks) over time.

For me, the problem isn’t really the ad networks I use (well, to some degree it is), but the content I write has a low click through ratio for conversion. I actually rank within the 1st page on Google for a number of keywords which I use, and I get large amounts of traffic.

I’m busy working on increasing it so that I can make more money over time.

At this moment in time, these are the current programs I’m with (mainly) – I’m with a lot more, but never use them currently. I intend on starting them up again. When the C-19 outbreak happened in 2020, it accelerated my desires to be self sufficient / self-employed so that I could follow my passions full time, and also not worry about any potential crisis causing job loss again

My affiliate earnings for June 2021

Google Adsense£1.27
eBay Partner Network£5.97Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00Started using again June 2021
Youtube£0.00This channel will be for Dashcam/Road Safety
Amazon KDP£0.51Old earnings, started using again June 2021

Total Earnings for June 2021



Monthly admin thoughts

As long as my earnings cover the cost of my webhosting, I’m happy. My website has come to the point now where it is self sustaining and basically pays for itself. Some months I have to cover it, it all depends on the commisions I make. The hosting cost is miniscule, but when the site doesn’t pay for itself it means I have to dip into my own pocket to pay for it which I don’t like doing as I hate wasting money.

I know my site has the potential to earn more, but for me it’s about the content first. Then I can work on ways on making more money later.

When I first started this site, it was because I was frustrated with the lack of content and could never find articles for fixing my own cars. Over time the format of my posts has been modified slightly so that they appeal better. I’ve tried to keep up with modern designs and identified problems during the hosting process which I know I need to solve

I’ve always had a few problems with my site – here they are, off the top of my head

  • My keywords are niche/low volume
  • I taught myself everything, so I’m having to learn how to do my own SEO/Marketing, etc
  • I have high ranking competitors (forums / dedicated vehicle repair sites for example)
  • Lack of keyword density (again, my site isn’t dedicated, it’s just as / when I need to repair something)
  • Low paying affiliates (ePN / Adsense) aren’t really the best. Sites like Adthrive are amazing, they’re dedicated adnetworks, but you need a decent number of page views first (I think about 50k per month).

I have thought of ways in terms of writing more content. One of the things I considered doing was buying a car that was severely broken. This was a two-fold effect for me. It would help increase my mechanical knowledge to learn how to fix faults, additionally it would help me when it comes to writing a lot more content on my website.

I’ve really started focussing more on conversion ratio when it comes to my website. I know the top performing articles. I have at least 10 ranked in the top 5 in Google. So I’m doing a lot of experiments on those pages to see how it affects my traffic / conversion. My mind is always flowing with ideas. It’s all a learning experience for me. I do a lot of monitoring with Bing / Search Console to find the keywords and queries being used to find myself to get ideas for new content. My thought process with the traffic / conversion is that if I can optimise my site so that it becomes a heavy converter with a good CTR (currently anywhere between 5-15%), I want to get the CTR to about 60% on my site if not higher. I hate wasted opportunities. I also want to improve the user retention, lowering the abandon rate on my site, and increasing the time on site. The longer people view it the better the chance of conversion.

I aim to do this because in the long term if the foundations for a good conversion site is already in place, it’s merely a case of constantly writing new content then.

I’m also looking to seek dedicated partnerships / affiliates with Businesses rather than through partner networks. Or at least trying to find ones with a decent CPC conversion.



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