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What is it with shoppers and having conversations?

OK, today wasn’t my best day.

Just thought I’d have a vent about those type of shoppers who irritate the fuck out of me.

You know, the type of people who just love to have a full on conversation in the middle of the aisle, whilst leaving their trolleys in the way. Or deliberately blocking people and being oblivious to their surroundings.

Today was that day.

When I do my shopping, I like to get it done and go. I’ve got better things to do with my life than hang around shopping centres. So time is a very important thing to me.

Normally I just say excuse me, but that default action didn’t occur to me today. The thought never even crossed my mind to be fair, my first immediate thought was just to deliberately make a point with maximum impact.

So, what had me so heated today?

Well. I finished my shopping in Asda today, and someone decided to have a full blown conversion with someone they knew right at the exit.

Not at the doors, actually in the doors exactly at the exit point.

For some reason today, this just really irritated the piss out of me.

There was no “Excuse me” happening today, or “EXCUSE ME”. No, today was a case of making a point.

I gave the trolley a sharp yank so the person fell backward and made eye contact with me.

They were then told they were blocking my exit and moved their trolley out of their way as I walked past them

I did hear them muttering to someone I could have just said Excuse me

I held off… Yeah, I could have also replied some people generally have the common sense not to be ignorant pricks and block the exit of a supermarket off having a conversation but  I didn’t


I made my point, there was no point continuing as I was only interested in leaving and going home.

I didn’t bother saying Excuse Me, as I suspect the person would go straight back to having his conversation again for the next person to interrupt them. Being blunt helps get the message across to educate people into stop being so thick.


What do you think, was I a bit overboard? Or would you have done the same in this situation?