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Website slow when updating and creating posts

Why is my website so slow when updating?

Another posts where I want to share some knowledge.

This is more the results from the troubleshooting.

Whenever I’ve been making new posts, or updating existing ones. I’ve found the Editor to be taking an absolute age to update, to the point where it loses connection or does nothing.

Sometimes it’s a problem with the Editor in WordPress (The Gutenburg editor I believe it’s called), and some people experience this problem. I personally switched back to the WP Classic interface with the plugin, as I enjoy this style of typing more and the overall look.

I’m going off on a tangent here, but I just wanted to note this comment above anyway that if the following research doesn’t work, consider changing your editor for the WP Classic one and trying that too.

Anyhoo, whenever I’ve been updating posts, they’ve took forever. In the region of 30 secs or so to update, which is irritating for a website owner. I’ve done some troubleshooting and the problem appears to be linked to one of the Cache methods I’ve been using

In terms of cache methods the ones I had installed were as follows

  • Litespeed Cache – Untouched
  • W3 Total Cache – Disabled, test post, no change
  • WP Optimise – Disabled, test post, no change
  • Proxy Cache Purge – Disabled, test post…. WOAH BIG Change.

Proxy Cache Purge is designed to completely purge the cache whenever you update every single post on the website, so I’m guessing it’s constantly flushing the when I’m updating or making new posts and my WordPress install is having to refresh it.

I’m not sure of the immediate effect on the site yet.

However of the other caching methods I use, they each support flushing the cache anyway. My two recommended caches are Litespeed and W3 Total Cache. Litespeed is activated through my Webhost and is highly recommended and W3 Total Cache is also highly recommended.

I only tend to use WP Optimise for the back up options, so I’ll probably play around with each to see if I can delete them.

I’d rather have as little plugins installed as possible to keep the performance of my website running at a high speed.

So just to help you out, if you’re ever coming across problems with your WordPress taking forever to update. Try disabling your cache programs, or seeing if you have Proxy Cache Purge installed and seeing if you can disable or alter the settings. It may help you with the performance of your site.