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Affiliate Earnings June 2023

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

How much did I earn in June 2023?

Lower performance this month through the usual affiliate networks. Although I’m generally not bothered, just waiting for my payments to process so that I can transfer them to my bank account. Got another repair to do on the car before it’s next MOT, so I’ll be posting another couple of articles to do affiliate links on.

I think I’m going to look at my high ranking articles and try to maximise their SEO features. Image titles, image description that can help boost them. I’m really wanting to rank on the high volume keywords now.

My affiliate earnings for June 2023

Google Adsense£2.10
eBay Partner Network£2.16Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.36
Newsflare£0.00Abandoned Youtube, better results with Newsflare
Shopping Receipts£0.50Amazon Shopper Panel
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for June 2023


Monthly admin thoughts

My progress continues with side hustles. I’ve been experiementing more with finding different affiliate networks. I’ve been a member of one for a while but never used it. The site is called Digistore24, whilst it does have really good affiliate networks. It mainly seems to be focussed towards Americans. I do have an American market, although my traffic is mainly based aroudn the UK and the affiliate offers on Digistore make me feel a bit “iffy” to present them.

Awin is meant to be good for affiliate networks, so I might start back up with this again. I want to experiment more with other networks because the CPM is way higher when offering products as opposed to what you get with the likes of EPN and Adsense because of their cookies.

I managed to make an affiliate sale through Amazon, so may start focussing on this to make some sales to see if it makes a difference.

Out side of the affiliate on my network, I’m going to be uploading some books to Amazon (low / medium content ones) to sell through KDP. I’ll be registering with bookbolt for templates, and then in terms of colouring books I have a Niche that I’ve already thought of. So I’m going to be experimenting with this