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Affiliate Earnings May 2022

How much did I earn in May 2022?

Not much, about average. I’m waiting for my Google Adsense to payout so I can withdraw this money to my secondary bank account and keep track of my earnings. As I’m eventually planning on ditching adsense, I’m seeking out affiliate networks with dedicated programs. At the moment I’m looking at Tradedoubler, Rakuten, and Awin. I’m trying to find programs specific to the content of this blog, but as this blog grows so will the content that I post about.  Conversion rates are still good, and my website bounce rates are “getting” better. They’re still high for my liking, so I’m focussing on reducing this figure

My affiliate earnings for May 2022

Google Adsense£1.07
eBay Partner Network£5.40Commision earnings
Amazon Affiliates£0.00
Youtube£0.00This channel will be for Dashcam/Road Safety
Amazon KDP£0.00

Total Earnings for May 2022


Monthly admin thoughts

My ongoing focus with SEO continues with this website. I’ve been looking at the website code with Pagespeed Insights, you get punished for slow performance in the world of websites, so I wanted to optimise it. My website loads fast on a desktop and had a score of 99 which is basically perfect. On a mobile, this varied between 78-80, this was because of the way scripts were being loaded or called.

I had a look through my Template code and noticed I had a heatmap which was linking to Japan for some reason. Pagespeed insights was complaining about it because it was doing an “unload” event, so I removed it. When I looked at the code, it seemed to be using someone elses ID’ so not sure it was doing with statistics. This is the problem with teaching yourself, sometimes you have to copy someone else’s code until you learn. Which means you attract their bugs and poor coding too (or their method of coding).

Notice above I said “copied” their code, and not stole it. This code was creating using a “heat map generator” (Modernizer iirc)

I removed it because I wasn’t using this and it was just slowing my site down. My aim has to be improving the SEO and I’m constantly adding new content to index with Google.

After this I’ve also added a change to the template on the blog code, I’ve added a colour switch to reverse the contrast for those who like this layout style. Lastly I’ve upgraded to Google Analytics 4 to support newer features.

Other than that, nothing else. I’m busy saving up money to replace the Turbocharger on my car, because it’s suffering from Overboost due to the VNT vanes being locked up, but that’s another article to write about