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Site pruning and SEO updates

It’s time to clean up and improve the SEO

I’ve started going through the site, I’ve noted in other articles on this site, that I’m now focussed on improving the SEO and traffic generation for the website. Part of this step involves pruning. There was a lot of low quality articles that I wrote several years ago.

When I first started writing on this blog, I wanted regular content, so went through the habit of writing a post every day. Most of these however were single liners, and didn’t really do much for my website SEO score, because the keywords were all over the place.

Now that I have my goals for this site, I’m aiming to improve it. Part of this involved deleting all of the old posts; or rather moving them to trash. I’ll deal with the SEO consequences from Google and Bing later, I’ll update my traffic and have to submit a new sitemap. I want to remove the low quality links to the website, and also have more content specific keywords.

I noticed when I was using a tag cloud add-in for the website, that it was displaying the posts which I didn’t want displayed because of the large amount of them, and the tags / content that was written inside the posts. I’m still interested in writing about these topics, but I’m aiming now to generate longer posts and topics on this website as I’ve found it’s really good for traffic and SEO scoring.

Sometimes to go forwards we have to go backwards, if that means pruning out some old content from my website then so be it. I have an add-in that allows me to see the traffic from these posts, and they’re nothing spectular so I’m happy to get rid of them. Instead of my website being 150+ pages of crappy posts, I can now have 20-30 pages of good higher quality posts, and then can continue working on this with future posts.

By dedicating the focus towards SEO and traffic generation rather than site content it allows me to work out what’s failing and what’s working when it comes to the website and the SEO data.

I also have the AIOSEO plugin installed on this website, and it’s interesting to view the statistics from it, basically my articles that I optimised for SEO are the ones that have the most traffic. Go figure.

Anyways, just a quick note to say the site will be improving and I’ll keep up the posting, but this time it will be content relevant to what I want to talk about and helping others with SEO improvements by sharing knowledge.