Black Holes and Spaghettification

Black Holes are always a common discussion point in the laws of Physics, and Science. This isn’t really meant to form a Science debate, regarding the laws of physics. Or anything like that. It’s just my own thoughts.

One suspected hypothesisis is that if you fell into a Black Hole, you would be Spaghettified. As in, you would be stretched out, and the person on the entrance, would never actually see you die. Or disappear due to distortion in Space Time with the accretion disc and the gravitational forces at the entrances.

Now, here’s my theory.

I’m a firm believer, that Black Holes are really entrances to another Universe, and that White Holes are really the exits from that Black Hole.

Where does Spaghettification come into this?

Now, most people have probably heard of Wormholes. They’re sort of known as tunnels to another dimension/universe/point of space

Here’s the WHAT IF in my theory

What if, Spaghettification doesn’t actually happen for someone falling into a Blackhole?

What if actually happens, is that you’re really entering a wormhole, and because you’re being transported to another point in Space so quickly, the distortion around the entrance to the wormhole can make it look like you’re being Spaghettified.

Think of a Camera, if you take a photo of someone using Sparklers, or Cars with lights on driving past you at a really slow shutter speed (1/4 for example) what happens to the image?

The images form one continuous trail from the source, so it appears that it’s one really long continous trail.

Now, think of a Black Hole in the same situation.

Gravity distorts space and time to insane levels at the eye of a Black Hole. So any object falling into it, would appear to be motionless.

In this situation, the eye of the black hole is the “shutter”, and the space/time distortion from Gravity is the “shutter speed”.

What if, when you enter a Black Hole. You’re not actually squashed? What if you’re just sucked in from the immense gravity, and shot out through a worm hole to another point in space-time.

The distortion of the gravity will make it seem like you’re stretched out. When in reality, you’re somewhere different entirely.

There’s plenty of things to debunk it. Gravity is so strong that things catch fire on the accretion disk. However, no one has ever fell into a Black-Hole or intentionally launched something into one. So we only have Science to go off.

There’s constantly theories related to Black Holes. Two of the most common ones to date (at the time of this post). Are that Black Holes are remnants from Former Universes, and that particles recently detected at Black Holes either prove the existence of alternate universe. Or further confirm the Quantum Entanglement theory.

This of course, is just my theory. It was something that came across my mind a long time ago. I just wanted to share it


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