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Little odd jobs – Meter door repair

This time it’s my Electric Meter Box

When you’re a homeowner, you usually find something around that you either need to do, or that you want to do around the house when finances allow. Or when you need to kill some time.

One of the things that’s been bothering me has been my Meter housing. I accidentily snapped the lock on it, because I turned it too far. So it’s been slapping about in the wind. I could have just taped it up with Gaffer tape and left it at that, but quite frankly it would have been bothering to me because it isn’t aesthatically pleasing. I decided to purchase a repair kit from eBay and carry out a repair on my door by replacing the Meter box lock.

The kit itself wasn’t expensive so I set about purchasing it for replacing, it’s just annoying me and it’s one of those things I will want to fix. Decided to do it sooner rather than later. I did initially try making a model through 3D printing, but the quality wasn’t the best, and the price wasn’t really worth arguing over.

I ordered a kit, which promptly arrived. Easy enough to work out how to use it, there’s only 3 parts to the kit.

The lock, the latch and a washer.

Fitting the kit

I thought I’d share this little insight into fitting the replacement lock. I knackered it up the first time because I fitted it the wrong way around. Basically the “key” component (the part that you physically turn with your key) needs to be inserted from the front. After you’ve done this, put the washer at the back of it. Once the washer is fitted, push the latch mechanism onto the latches until it clicks. You can only fit this 1 way because the mechanism where it fits is rectangular in shape. I decided when fitting to fit the latch facing upwards. That way I could turn the lock

Once it was clicked in, it was just a simple case of testing it out and making sure it worked.

It did, easy enough repair to do, and one which will bother me less and allow me to tick it off.

If you need to do this repair yourself. Incase you’re wondering the kit you need is Meter box latch for £4.20. By clicking this link it will take you to the eBay page of the seller I purchased it from, and give you an option to purchase it yourself. If you purchase through this link I’ll receive a commission that’s all.