Recovering Corrupted MSN Chat Logs

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I wanted to share the following technique that I used to resolve the error opening some of my old chat history with MSN. When double clicking on the XML files to open the history I started receiving an error message similar to following….


The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet

These are the steps I undertook which managed to successfully resolve my issue with the chat history.

  • Recovered the *.XML files into a new seperate folder away from the main chat log history – I used Recuva as I previously deleted them. Make sure there is no messagehistory in the folder first.
  • Open up MSN messenger and change the chat history folder to the one I copied the files into
  • Clicked save so it recreated the Message History.xsl file in the folder, after this I was successfully able to open the files.

After this everything was recovered and I was able to successfully recover any previous information I had lost from the files 🙂

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